Cons, cons, cons, II

Second: the  Dokomi an Anime/Manga convention

It´s a very nice, smaller con with many artists who sell their doujinshis, storys, buttons, poster, postcards and so on.
And I realised again that I know lots of people... ^^°
But I missed Fabulous Feder.... *cries*

Awesome oldschool Turtles game in the games room.

Weird weird mascot for a japanese energy drink.

Dear Silvia (LadyButterskull) as Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann) and Ann-Sophie (Brandeis)

Very sweet: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. There were quite a few MLP cosplayers. And I got a free brohoof:

Doctor, Doctor! Ten and Eleven cosplayers.

Awesome Rohrschach cosplayer.

This convention was LOKI´D!! Drawing by Kamineo.
And I found another I Believe in Sherlock note but didn´t take a picture. I told you: they´re everywhere!

And that´s me, having anything but a calm hand.

Again the Dokomi was a nice and sweet smaller convention which is perfect for me cause I don´t have to pay so much for a train ticket.

My loot from Dokomi 2012:

2 buttons. 2 dice. A dead bambi (Skelanimals, I think)! And a lovely octopus necklace!

Cons, cons, cons Part I

Dear God, there are so many conventions right now... I mean I LOVE conventions but they´re very time consuming.

And now there were TWO cons right in my city, Düsseldorf... I just had to go.

Pictures? Oh yes, pictures!

First: the FedCon  a Star Trek and Sci-Fi convention
Guests: William Shatner, Walter Koenig, Jonathan Frakes, Felicia Day and many more. Wuhuu!
And there were so many Whovians, I was in SciFi heaven.  

Look, there was even a TARDIS!!! And a life size Dalek! I looked a Dalek into the eye!

R2-D2, you sweet thing! <3

Fucking awesome: a Steampunk exhibition.

With many beautiful rayguns!

Besides the Whovians there were Believers - Believers in Sherlock! I swear there´re everywhere!

Have you seen this box? - YES!

And now I present: William Shatner live on stage! (And my camera is shit.)

It was new kind of convention for me but it was fun. I´m not a die hard Trekkie, but I love "The Next Generation" and of course other SciFi stuff like Doctor Who or Star Wars. But everything is so fucking expensive!!

My loot from FedCon 2012:

A Sonic Screwdriver (I´m in love)! Many pictures of River Song, Doctor Who, Ianto Jones, Loki and Sherlock Holmes. And the Watchmen comic book which is breathtaking, I have to say.


Flying Islands and another Doctor

I don´t know why but I really love the idea of floating islands. So it was about time that I drew some.

Also, a nice person on deviantArt wanted a Ten version of my Timelord Anatomy pic.
So, here´s David Tennant as The Doctor:

While we´re speaking of The Doctor .....Romance!

God, River Song is one of my alltime favorite female characters. I feel the need to thank Alex Kingston for her performance <3!

Uhm - right now I´m spending far too much time on Tumblr. GRRR - Tumblr!! *shakes fist*
Here are two pics which were created for this damn site:

My commentary on an interview with "Sherlock" producer Sue Vertue and "Sherlocks" Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch about spirit animals.



(Bitte klicken für Grossansicht)

Nearly every device in my flat chrashed in the last few WEEKS! I mean I have usually bad luck with technology things - but this was just ridiculous!

Besides, a fox:

Für alle, die nicht aus Düsseldorf kommen: Füchschen Alt ist ein Bier.



When I look at my statistics I begin to wonder....
Should I write more in english? I mean, my english is far from perfect but I think it´s quite okay, so I could try.
Any opinions?


Neuste Bilder - wat bin ich einfallsreich

Dank einer Deadline bin ich gerade nicht zu besonders grossartigen Bildern gekommen, aber ein bissel was musste ich produzieren, um zwischendurch nicht den Verstand zu verlieren. (siehe Das Gesicht der Arbeit)

Zuerst eine Grinsekatze - warum auch immer, keine Ahnung:

Und dann ein kurzes Statement:

(Wer hiermit nichts anfangen kann, einfach mal "I believe in Sherlock" googeln.)

Dann ein weiteres Gute-Nacht-Bild, das im Thumbnail total gruselig aussieht:

Und schlussendlich noch ein bissel was zum Thema Anatomie:

Ich habe mir die nette 4-Staffeln-Box von Doctor Who besorgt und flenne mich durch die Folgen. You´ll never forget your first Doctor, sagt man. Das trifft es wirklich. Christopher Eccleston wird immer einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen einnehmen, und man kann sagen was man will: seine Staffel ist rundum gelungen, ohne eine einzige langweilige oder schlechte Folge! Love Nine!
Trotzdem musste hier mal wieder Matt Smith/Eleven herhalten - seine Optik lässt sich so schön vereinfachen.