Cons, cons, cons, II

Second: the  Dokomi an Anime/Manga convention

It´s a very nice, smaller con with many artists who sell their doujinshis, storys, buttons, poster, postcards and so on.
And I realised again that I know lots of people... ^^°
But I missed Fabulous Feder.... *cries*

Awesome oldschool Turtles game in the games room.

Weird weird mascot for a japanese energy drink.

Dear Silvia (LadyButterskull) as Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann) and Ann-Sophie (Brandeis)

Very sweet: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. There were quite a few MLP cosplayers. And I got a free brohoof:

Doctor, Doctor! Ten and Eleven cosplayers.

Awesome Rohrschach cosplayer.

This convention was LOKI´D!! Drawing by Kamineo.
And I found another I Believe in Sherlock note but didn´t take a picture. I told you: they´re everywhere!

And that´s me, having anything but a calm hand.

Again the Dokomi was a nice and sweet smaller convention which is perfect for me cause I don´t have to pay so much for a train ticket.

My loot from Dokomi 2012:

2 buttons. 2 dice. A dead bambi (Skelanimals, I think)! And a lovely octopus necklace!

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