Cons, cons, cons Part I

Dear God, there are so many conventions right now... I mean I LOVE conventions but they´re very time consuming.

And now there were TWO cons right in my city, Düsseldorf... I just had to go.

Pictures? Oh yes, pictures!

First: the FedCon  a Star Trek and Sci-Fi convention
Guests: William Shatner, Walter Koenig, Jonathan Frakes, Felicia Day and many more. Wuhuu!
And there were so many Whovians, I was in SciFi heaven.  

Look, there was even a TARDIS!!! And a life size Dalek! I looked a Dalek into the eye!

R2-D2, you sweet thing! <3

Fucking awesome: a Steampunk exhibition.

With many beautiful rayguns!

Besides the Whovians there were Believers - Believers in Sherlock! I swear there´re everywhere!

Have you seen this box? - YES!

And now I present: William Shatner live on stage! (And my camera is shit.)

It was new kind of convention for me but it was fun. I´m not a die hard Trekkie, but I love "The Next Generation" and of course other SciFi stuff like Doctor Who or Star Wars. But everything is so fucking expensive!!

My loot from FedCon 2012:

A Sonic Screwdriver (I´m in love)! Many pictures of River Song, Doctor Who, Ianto Jones, Loki and Sherlock Holmes. And the Watchmen comic book which is breathtaking, I have to say.

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