Flying Islands and another Doctor

I don´t know why but I really love the idea of floating islands. So it was about time that I drew some.

Also, a nice person on deviantArt wanted a Ten version of my Timelord Anatomy pic.
So, here´s David Tennant as The Doctor:

While we´re speaking of The Doctor .....Romance!

God, River Song is one of my alltime favorite female characters. I feel the need to thank Alex Kingston for her performance <3!

Uhm - right now I´m spending far too much time on Tumblr. GRRR - Tumblr!! *shakes fist*
Here are two pics which were created for this damn site:

My commentary on an interview with "Sherlock" producer Sue Vertue and "Sherlocks" Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch about spirit animals.

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