Work and an announcement

I promised to show some of the work stuff I´ve been involved in the last few months.

Another Silberpfeil. This time it´s #20 "Gefährlicher Auftrag". Probably not my best job cause I really had no time and it was very rushed.

Oh, before that, there was this:

This is my second job after "TriGalaxy" for the smartphone game company Ludetis: a complete redesign of their football game "Kick it Out".
This is just a selection of all the items/icons I´ve made for them. After a while it felt like there were thousands. ^^°

Then, I just want you to direct you to this site: Huck Finn (by Olivia Vieweg).

In between I´m working on a boardgame portfolio, here´s an example:

More of my new stuff can be found in my deviantArt gallery.

Next: angry sketches concerning the Deutsche Bahn and other stuff.

Ah, the announcement:
This site needs a new design. I´ll change a few things. Be prepared!

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