Cloud Atlas - a short comment

Explanation: I need to keep my hands busy. I always do that but usually NOT when I´m watching a movie in a cinema. But Cloud Atlas was too much for me. Sorry, but I think it´s horrible.
The only part which was interesting and moving was the one with Sonmi-451 (played by the very cute Doona Bae) in New Seoul or whatever the city was called.
Tom Hanks, Halle Berry? Sorry, no.
I spent 10 Euros for that - and what felt like 10 years of my lifetime.
What could´ve been a really good movie (cause the idea is interesting) was ruined by too many storylines, bad make up, cuts so fast you just got annoyed after 10 minutes, slapstick comedy which was so inappropriate it hurt and white people as asians!!! And this future language... sorry, but this baby talk was just ridiculous.
And this fucking shooting star birth mark - really?!? REALLY??? Through all time and space, that´s what a shooting star birth mark looks like? Like a kindergartners drawing of a christmas star??? Btw, this birth mark has no meaning whatsoever in the movie, like so many other things. It´s just there, randomly.
I could go on for a while like this, but... let me just give you a small drawing of what I felt like in the cinema.
Greetings to my fellow sufferers Alke and Florian who went with me.  

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